DoB: 18/03/1998, Sable male

Bred by Jos Ourth, LUX
Owned by Ildikó & Péter Muzslai

Health: HD A, CEA/PRA/Cat free

Offsprings: Litter "O", "S", "T", "V", of Fothergill "A", Country's Dream "F", Wee King's "A", f Moravian Classic "C",
Dallinaire "K", Holiday "R", Silver Dream "Q"

Video Star of Slatestone Ch
Brylin Misty Shadow at Carrostar
Mirpet Mat Bianco Ch
Brylin Supertramp
Emma Peel of Mirpet
Brylin Painted Lady
Jasand Young Winston
Lanteague Black Magic at Brylin
Queen's Councel of Slatestone Pelido King's Councel Ch
Brylin Supertramp
Pelido Hot Silk
Baden Court Day Dream Jackaroo van Koridwen
Irish Rose von Beinn Mohr

Hungarian / Austrian Champion


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